[Correspondence] Cancer trends and burden in India

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Cancers put an enormous burden on society. A Global Burden of Disease (GBD) study published in The Lancet Oncology1 reported that of the northeastern states (with a population of 45 million people), Mizoram, Meghalaya, Arunachal Pradesh, and Assam have the highest burden of cancer in terms of age-standardised mortality and incidence, and low survival rates. The findings of this study also correlate with the findings of the National Cancer Registry Programme of India, which shows that, in men, Aizawl district in Mizoram state has the highest incidence of all cancers (270 per 100 000 people) followed by Papumpare district (230 per 100 000 people) in Arunachal Pradesh; for women, the highest incidence of cancer is in Papumpare district (249 per 100 000 people), followed by Aizawl district (207 per 100 000).

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