Therapeutic Opportunities for Immunoreceptor-Engineered T Cell Therapy for Modulation of Alloimmunity [TRANSLATING IMMUNOLOGY]

Achieving immunosuppression-free immune tolerance to an allograft is one of the central goals of transplantation. In this article, we review recent developments in the fields of T cell–based therapies and T cell engineering using chimeric Ag receptors and their potential for effective and targeted immune modulation of T and B cell activity in an effort to eliminate pre-existing alloantibodies (desensitization) and achieve long-term tolerance. Approaches that span preclinical to early clinical studies in transplantation will be reviewed, with specific emphasis on advances in T cell immunotherapy that have shown promise. Lastly, we conclude with a forward-looking discussion of how T cell–based therapies in other fields of medicine can be potentially applied to solid organ transplantation.

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